Tanzania Medispa Facials and Waxes

Treat yourself to smoother, firmer, and more refined skin. Let us take care of sun damage, eye lines, and acne. Need a wax? Stop by and then show off your youth! Learn more about our services below.

Tanzania Medispa Facials

Direct and Indirect High Frequency

Oxygen molecule producing technology to aid in conditions such as: helping to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, help reduce cellulite, and de-congest puffy eyes - that's just the beginning!

Recommend 8-10 treatments.

Individual treatment price per area:
Facial area: $35
Upper leg: $65
Scalp with growth serum: $35


Rejuvanating, 60min: $65
Anti-Aging, 60min: $65
Acne, 60min: $65
Back, 50min: $65 / 30min: $45

Sugar Scrubs
Lower Leg: $65
Upper Leg: $65

Brow Shaping: $8
Lip: $8
Underarms: $20
Bikini: $35
Lower Legs: $45
Full Legs: $65
Mens Chest: $60
Mens Back: $75

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